Why this video sucks: “What is at the bottom of the Nether?”

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 7, 2012 1 COMMENT

About a year ago I posted a video called “Minecraft – What is at the bottom of the Nether?” I made the video because someone in the Minecraft forums asked this very question.  You need to remember, at the time the nether was fairly new. Only a few months old, if memory serve, so there was a lot of misinformation floating around about the nether still.

Initially the video received only a few hundred views… my channel was much smaller back then.  But for some reason about 5 months after the video was uploaded it took off. I guess it hit some magical combination between view-count and keywords. The video amazing started getting 1000+ hits a day.  I don’t have a clue why, but it started bringing in a lot of new viewers to my channel.  Unfortunately, this video had some major technical issues so I didn’t end up getting nearly the boost to my channel that I could have.

It’s rather unfortunate… but I did learn some  lessons from that video. If you look at my followup video ” Minecraft – Ok, so what is at the top of the nether? “, you can see some immediate improvements.

Ok, so what did I do wrong with this video?  Well, I think two things mainly. First of all the video was way too dark. This is the result of a slight darkening caused by rendering the video. It’s easy to fix, but I was unaware of the problem at the time and I didn’t bother to re-render the video.  The second major issue with this video is that it was way too long.  I treated the video was just a LP video, since that’s what I’ve seen others do. But the result was that there was 10 min of wasted time.

If I were to re-do this video I would do quite a few things differently I think. For starters, I’d use some TNT. :D


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  1. JimmyO (protpvpfulify) says:

    TnT makes everything better!