Creating Videos: My Process

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 6, 2012 2 COMMENTS

I’m often asked about how I make my videos, what I use to record, how I edit and so on.   I’m not sure how other people do it, but though trial and error I’ve developed a process that works well for me.

My first step is to come up with an idea for the video. I find that it’s very important to have a direction when recording or the video will just be semi-coherent rambling.  Some people make careers out of incoherent rambling, but I find it doesn’t work so well for me.

After I know what I’m going to do, I will prepare to record.  This will include a sound check if I haven’t recorded the game before, changing the resolution to match the final render resolution and actually preparing in the game itself. In Minecraft, this can include gathering together the materials, getting to wherever I need to be and looking up the particular recipes I need.  If I’m making a tutorial I may even write a script.   If the recording session is going to be long I’ll make sure I have something to sip on while I talk.

Then, I record the video.  I primarily use Fraps to record.  The files it creates are quite large (1 gig per min), but they are very high quality. If I’m going to be recording outside of a game I use Camtasia.  The quality isn’t as nice as Fraps, but if I’m recording something just in Windows it’s very hard to notice the difference.

After recording is finished I will pick out the music, If I’m going to be using any. I find Incompetech and  Jamendo to be great sources of free-to-use music.

Now that we have everything recorded and music chosen, It’s time to edit the video.  For game video I use Sony Vegas, and for Camtasia I use the build-in editor. I have a file I use called “1 New Video Template.vf” that I start all new Sony Vegas projects with. It contains my intro (The Jury Duty Summons + stamp noises) and the settings are what they need to be to output in the size and quality I want.   Ok, so the first step is to import the media into the new file. Make sure each clip is in the right order and crop/slice anything unnecessary out.  Once that’s done I’ll add in any fades, transitions and brighten up any parts that are too dark.  Once that’s finished I’ll add the music track, and cut it down to whatever part I need. Once it’s added, I’ll balance the volume of the voice track with the music so it doesn’t make the voice track hard to hear.

When I’m satisfied with the editing of the video I’ll render it. In Sony Vegas I save as “Sony AVC” with the template “=Internet 1280×720-30p”.  (Video: 29.970 fps, 1280×720 Progressive, YUV, 8 Mbps). Render time can take quite a while.  Often times about an hour for a 20 min video.

When the video is finished rendering I will upload the video. I don’t always upload right away.  Due to the way YouTube syndicates the videos out to the subscribers it’s best to upload no more then one or two per day.   I try to stick to 1 per day/4-5 per week.  Since I work full time, I’m doing most of my recordings on the weekend.

After the video is uploaded, it’s time to promote the video.  I do this in a couple of ways, depending on the game  and the nature of the video.   I usually try to post it in a few forums where the video is relevant. If the video is unique or interesting, sometimes Reddit can be a good place to post the video…. however, I’ve found out that my idea of interesting is sometimes different than everyone else. :D

If you have any questions, please let me kn0w. It’s possible I’ve missed a few things.

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  1. JimmyO (protpvpfulify) says:

    So that’s how the magic happens! Pretty cool