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Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 6, 2012 19 COMMENTS

Jury’s Junkyard is my minecraft + Mods “Let’s Play” series. I focus on IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft and Redpower.  This page will be a location where I will collect the random assorted information about this series, like the world files, the map and the list of mods I’m using.

Since listing all the videos here isn’t going to work out very well, he’s a playlist!

Here are all of the versions of my world-file that have been released:


World Map: Current as of Feb. 8, 2012 (Want to find out how I did this?)

(Click image to enlarge)

Also, since you’ll need to have the same mods I do, here’s my current Modlist:


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  1. luke ford says:

    i also have a youtube channel and i think that since u have build craft u should get better that wolves and better that build craft it just makes the game a lot better

    • JuryDutySummons says:

      I like better then buildcraft/wolves mods.. but I think I’ll save that for it’s own series. It would be quite a departure from what I have now.

      • luke ford says:

        ok then. that sounds like a good idea.
        i have another request that u post a picture of urself on ur website.

      • Fitri says:

        Better than Wolves has the opposite to that (transparent when rtdesone-unpowered, and a light block when rtdesone-powered). I’d go with something more different and ambitious: a block that will be transparent when any of the panels get rtdesone current, or stay opaque with the same texture that the blocks around it (like the checkpoints from the Portal Gun mod) when unpowered. This way you can have a, for example, 9 9 window that would only require to give/take power to one of the blocks in the frame to change the state. Combined with a light sensor block (or a mob/player/whatever detector) it can make wonderfull stuff (like the big window that gets opaque at night, but turns transparent at day, which can be combined with the RP light blocks to get a room that will use natural light during daytime, and electrical light during nighttime without giving away light outside, for example).

    • Tiger says:

      Well, if I had to fit it in with just redstone siangl It would work similar to both a deployer and a block breaker.* When empty it would break blocks like a block breaker.* When it has an item it would instead /place/ the item in front of it (even if there was only air in front of that).** If there was already a block in front it would either do nothing or shift the block forward (suggest shift forward if not attached to frame, but not a required feature for base functionality).If it was hooked up to redbus then it would be powered via blutricity and activated by redbus commands; that would obviously include an expanded version of the above via register commands (probably a few setup registers, some feedback registers and a memory mapped trigger register that self-clears): place block from slot X, get block type in slot X, sense nearest facing world block and distance.

  2. JuryDutySummons says:

    OK, I’ve updated the modlist with links.

    • Uki says:

      A three-axis gantry made out of inuiivddal machines? You could put anything on the end of the probe! Add a deployer, and make a 3D printer! Once the computer rolls around, there will be a practical way to input patterns that isn’t more work than just building them by hand. You could even build a structure replicator! First have the gantry with a block breaker attached like here: have it break the blocks and distribute them through a sorting machine. The computer records the timing and identity of each block that’s destroyed using a detector pipe per block type. Then replace the probe tip with a deployer and have the computer replay the sequence of items by firing transposers on the chests holding the raw materials and it will build another of the thing it just destroyed.

    • Alexander says:

      Eloraam, I was looking at Not Enough Items and the Logistics Pipes Buildcraft add on and I got an idea for the Redbus sytsem. =It would be really great for sorting purposes to have Redbus connected to everything else like the logistics pipes (I also watched your video with you IC-BC world) When you went over your sorting sytsem I thought that is a lot of chests, there should be a way so that you don’t have to deal with any of those. You would just be able to type into Redbus and request an item (like in Not Enough Items)And it would be sent to you from the pneumatic tubes. You would not even have to deal with those chests after that. This would make it very automated and simple especially when dealing with other mods like IC and BC to make it even better.

  3. TheIvalen says:

    Great series JDS, and commended for keeping up with it too.

    It’s evolved for the better over time.

    • JuryDutySummons says:

      Thank you, I appreciate your support!

      • Zoza says:

        I’ve got a syestm like this in my world. Mine is done with a syestm of buttons though, it’s a very complicated setup using BC, IC2, RP2, EE and quite a few other mods. Honestly the easiest part is the controls, redbus will simplify the controls even more if it works the way I think it does. But to the point, you cannot make a syestm like that with redbus alone. If it does send commands then it will be through controlled redstone signals. Say 6 redstone pulses is a line of code sent out to the receiving device which then handles that command. I’m not very knowledgable about assembly but I can tell you that its not going to be a simple task making it order items for you.

  4. luke ford says:

    have u got the power converter mod it links up with buildcraft 2 and industrial craft?

  5. monkeybomb1999 says:

    can you put your minecraft.jar up for download please because i cant get the mods to work

  6. Petra says:

    I must admit that I was wishing for just such a dviece in my attempted Huge mushroom farm.The Mushroom was harvested by filling the room with sand and pushing it down into a floor made of block breakers.Unfortunately, to auto plant the mushroom too would need one of the breakers to be a deployer-breaker-in-one, otherwise that part could not be harvested.Can’t see any nice way of wiring up, or tube-connecting this hypothetical block though. It would need two distinct signals, a tube input, & a tube output, right?..wait. I just thought of a way.Signal to break block + output pipe: from any side.Signal to deploy block + input pipe: from back.

  7. Jumpwaffle says:

    Can you do a Minecraft video where you stalk out in an old castle ruin on Hard mode and use a mod to make guns and so mobs will be attracted to you without seeing you. I want to see how long you survive. After, could you write an insanely stupid story about it to exaggerate (If that’s how you spell it) what happens. It would be BEST EVER

  8. Jumpwaffle says:

    A funny thing happened to me on Minecraft. I burnt a village to the ground, stone cased houses in another village (ask me how, go on) then decided to burn my tower to the sky world which took forever to nail together. I was sat there lonely on the jukebox playing along with note blocks because the world had saved, could you create this again but better? (Ask for my marvellous entranceway plans)

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