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Finding Free Music for your videos

Posted by JuryDutySummons On March 21, 2012 4 COMMENTS

Finding music is tough.  Or, I suppose, let me rephrase… finding music is easy, but finding music you can use is tough. If you use some random song off of itunes then you run a very serious risk of having your video removed from YouTube, muted or having someone else profit from your hard work.   [ Read More ]

Jury’s Junkyard – ep 43 & 44 – Building Utopia

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 20, 2012 5 COMMENTS

I’m starting a new mega project…. so far I’m tentatively calling it “Utopia”, but I may change the name at some point.  I’ve gotten a start with clearing out the land, and now I’m working on filling in the outline with glass. The idea was to use the filler to clear out the water source  [ Read More ]

Jury’s Junkyard – ep 42 – Getting shocked by Blutricity

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 14, 2012 2 COMMENTS

Ah, yes, in response to requests that I explore  some more aspects of Redpower I have decided to try my hand at some power, blutricity.  It’s a tad odd, but I figure it out in the end.  

Jury’s Junkyard – ep 41 – Let’s Terraform the Earth

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 13, 2012 Comments Off

In this episode I build the industrial-craft terraformer.   First I need to tie the power requirements into my existing system.  Easy enough, but it eats up much of my diamond supply. After that I decide it would be a good idea to be able to turn this sucker on and off.  I use the  [ Read More ]

Jury’s Junkyard – ep 40 – Bringing light to the spawn

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 8, 2012 3 COMMENTS

New episode in my Jury’s Junkyard Minecraft LP series. In this episode I work out a switchable lighting system using the redpower lighting elements.   Before I do that I show my new and more efficient reactor pattern. I now have more power then I know what to do with! After I was finished making this  [ Read More ]

Jury’s Junkyard – ep 39 – Automatic melon and pumpkin farm

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 7, 2012 Comments Off

In this episode of my continuing series Jury’s Junkyard I show a method to automatically farm melons and pumpkins using redpower blockbreakers.  I use a repower timer to pulse the blockbreakers every 30 seconds.  I could likely get away with a much longer time then that, but I figure 30 seconds won’t hurt my lag  [ Read More ]

Why this video sucks: “What is at the bottom of the Nether?”

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 7, 2012 1 COMMENT

About a year ago I posted a video called “Minecraft – What is at the bottom of the Nether?” I made the video because someone in the Minecraft forums asked this very question.  You need to remember, at the time the nether was fairly new. Only a few months old, if memory serve, so there  [ Read More ]

Creating Videos: My Process

Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 6, 2012 2 COMMENTS

I’m often asked about how I make my videos, what I use to record, how I edit and so on.   I’m not sure how other people do it, but though trial and error I’ve developed a process that works well for me. My first step is to come up with an idea for the video.  [ Read More ]