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Posted by JuryDutySummons On February 3, 2012 8 COMMENTS

Hello Everyone! JuryDutySummons here!  Welcome to the new site. If your reading this you are probably looking in the archives or stumbled upon here before I was ready.   Oh well!

Anyway, I have a few reasons for this site and a few things I wanted to do with it going forward. First of all, this site will be a companion to my YouTube channel. This site will let me expand on the content I put into the description of a video. Oftentimes I can’t really give all the information I want in the video description.  Secondly, the website itself will be a destination.   It will give me a chance to create new content in new forms.  For instance, if I wanted to write a guide that wouldn’t work well in video format, this website will be a venue for that.  Thirdly, I will be able to feature content I find particularly enjoyable.  Maybe videos I like, websites I’ve found helpful, etc.


As always, I appreciate feedback or criticism. Please contact me here or on YouTube if you want to yell at me. :)

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  1. DataVore says:

    Seems like a nice site… Keep it up. First because I had to and I also recommended Jury’s Junkyard.

  2. Midnite says:

    Nice website This is going on my book-marks :)

  3. JimmyO (protpvpfulify) says:

    A site 100% full of Jury? *brain explodes*
    And my brother gets a Jury Duty Summon on the same day you post your site… a conspiracy!

  4. mles says:

    im freaking out because there hasn’t been jury’s junkyard in a while